Alycia Taylor, MPA

Alycia Taylor, MPA, owner, is a consultant, educator and mentor incorporating more than 15 years of expertise in program management, staff development, character building, social and emotional learning and school climate. She has developed classes on student/teacher engagement, reading and study skills, writing, remedial education, and grant writing for the University of Akron, Ashland University and several nonprofit organizations. She has trained hundreds of individuals and has worked with several school districts and nonprofit agencies. Additionally, she has scored several standardized tests and college entrance tests for testing companies. She also works with several federal agencies as a subject matter expert making funding recommendations on grant awards.

Allison Smith, M.Ed.

Allison Smith, M.Ed. is a consultant, professional speaker, professional storyteller and educator incorporating more than 30 years of expertise into her workshops, seminars and keynote speeches. She specializes in at-risk disadvantaged youth, special needs youth, Latino students, and African-American students.  She is a licensed special education teacher and has worked as a Title I Intervention Specialist and tutor ten years.  She is trained in (Wilsons Reading Program, DIBELS, and DOLCE Reading Program), and has a track record in improving reading levels meeting AYP goals. Also, she develops and teaches classes on literacy, storytelling, character building, social skills and student engagement.

Pamela Lang, MS.Ed, MPA

Pamela Lang, MS.Ed, MPA has over ten years of experience in community-based programs, program management, staff development, nonprofit development and mental/behavioral health counseling experience. She has served as a clinical supervisor and provided direct services to at-risk children and adolescents and their families. She has worked within the Akron Public School System providing school clinical counseling (individual and group) and classroom behavioral intervention. She possesses over 7 years of program management and development experience that involves grantseeking, grantwriting and quality assurance. Additionally, she works with several federal agencies as a subject matter expert making funding recommendations on grant awards.